Since 1986, the library’s Art Gallery has been a public resource dedicated to engaging, stimulating, and enriching our community through visual art.

Current Exhibit

  Re-Imagining Nature: Transforming the Cityscape with Sculpture
Dr. Harry RosenDiscover the artwork of Dr. Harry Rosen, Professor Emeritus, McGill University, Faculty of Dentistry. You’ll be amazed at how a successful career as a restorative dentist brought him to the techniques he employs in his large-scale sculptures. An exquisite and insightful glimpse into the mind of an artist at work!

Artist Selection

The library selects exhibits of professional artists for the Art Gallery. An artist is considered professional when he or she makes a living from artistic practice. Criteria used for selecting professional artist exhibits include:

• artistic excellence
• diversity in æsthetic practices
• thoroughly-researched concepts