Since 1986, the library’s Art Gallery has been a public resource dedicated to engaging, stimulating, and enriching our community through visual art.

Current Exhibit

CYRK— Poster Art of the Polish Circus 

CYRK stands for Polish Circus Posters. In the 1960s the Polish State Entertainment Agency decided to promote the circus by commissioning posters from a group of leading poster artists. These posters served a dual purpose, they advertised particular troupes or special circus events and they also conveyed the essence of joy and whimsy of what the circus means to all of us. The posters were known to be artistically rich, whimsical, funny and playful. These posters became so popular people recognized them outside of Poland. The CYRK posters are now collectible items and have been exhibited in museums and galleries. Some of the artists include Jerzy Czerniawski, Wiktor Gorka, Hubert Hilsher, Witold Janowski, Jan Mlodozeniec, Jan Sawka, Waldemar Swierzy, Maciej Urbaniec.
Discover treasures from your library’s collection and share in the excitement for the delight and wonder that is the circus.                                                               

Artist Selection

The library selects exhibits of professional artists for the Art Gallery. An artist is considered professional when he or she makes a living from artistic practice. Criteria used for selecting professional artist exhibits include:

• artistic excellence
• diversity in æsthetic practices
• thoroughly-researched concepts