The CSL Public Library is committed to purchasing items that are popular, relevant and interesting to its users.  If you do not see an item in the catalogue that you think the community would enjoy please use the following form to let us know.

Please be aware that your suggestions will be evaluated and generally speaking only newer items will be considered.  If an item is older than one year, it may be borrowed from another library through our Inter-library Loan Service.  Please ask at the Reference Desk.

Please suggest:

Material that we missed buying.

Books from new or little known authors or publishers that we may not be aware of.

Please do not suggest:

Very popular and bestselling authors, or well-reviewed DVD/Blu-Ray feature films, unless they are not in the catalogue, we will be buying these anyway.  Check the catalogue to see if the item is already on order to add your name. Please click here to see a list of items that are coming soon.

Please, also note that if you are suggesting a TV series (that is not already in our catalogue), you will only be placed on hold for the current season.

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