April Book of the Month

reason we walk imageApril’s book of the month is a bit of a departure from our usual picks. It’s a nonfiction book by Wab Kinew entitled The Reason You Walk. It’s part memoir, part political think piece. And it should be required reading for every Canadian.

We’ve all heard of the Truth and Reconciliation Commision of Canada and the horrors that aboriginal children were subjected to for decades in government-run residential schools.  This is not just a book about this tragedy in Canadian history, though it it is vividly described. It is also a story of Wab Kinew’s own reconciliation with his father, through reconnection with his aboriginal culture and traditions.

This very human story is heartfelt, full of depth and compassion. It’s also a persuasive political document that clearly shows that while we are on the right path, much more needs to be done to overcome this dark period in Canadian History.  I think every Canadian should read it.

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