Starting a New Chapter – The Library Goes Fine Free!

The Fine Print

Overdue fines will be applied on New Arrivals and Fast Reads.
If an item is not returned after 21 days of their due date, the patron will be billed
and the membership blocked until the item is returned or paid for.

Many Happy Returns!


New Arrivals $0.25 per day
Fast Reads (7 day loans) $2.00 per day
Quick Flicks (4 day loans) $2.00 per day
Interlibrary Loans $2.00 per day
Devices $5.00 per day

The library is joining the many libraries across North America and is going fine free. This includes all the libraries on the island of Montreal. Libraries have discovered fines do not act as a deterrent but actually act as a barrier to access disproportionally affecting those least able to pay thus making them contrary to the mission of the public library.

All old overdue fines will be waived. However, if items have not been returned patrons will still be held responsible for returning those items or paying for their replacement.

We are continuing to charge overdue fines on new arrivals which make up the majority items that appear on waiting lists. During the pandemic the library did not charge overdue fines and most material was returned on time. To help members keep track of their due dates, we’ll continue to send patrons reminders to return their materials, including courtesy notices which are sent out before an item is due.

Patrons are responsible for returning the library items they’ve borrowed. If something is lost, damaged, or not returned and considered by the library as long overdue, the patron will still be billed and need to pay the replacement cost. Bills are sent out 7 days after the final overdue notice is sent which includes the price of the item plus a billing fee.? The patron’s card is blocked until the bill paid or the item returned.

Additional courtesy and overdue notification emails will be automatically scheduled to remind patrons to return their items on time. The library will follow up with phone calls as well. Library memberships will be suspended when items are more than 21 days overdue. We will continue to be proactive encouraging everyone to return their library items to ensure equal access to our collections.