The Kindness Project :

Finger Puppets for Children with Type 1 Diabetes

Ensuring children leave the hospital with a token to bring them smiles and comfort.

With Diakids and the CSL Library & Community 

Ready to donate your finished finger puppets?  Place your finished finger puppets in a sealed envelope and drop off through the outdoor book return at the library (5851 Cavendish). 

Don’t have the materials? Click here to sign up for a kit, provided by the Library’s No-Contact Pickup Service. 

What is the Kindness Project and Why is it Important? 

The Kindness Project is an intergenerational community arts and crafts project, where finger puppets are made and donated to the Children’s hospital diabetes clinic. The finger puppets will be gifted to children after their diagnosis and each time when they return to the hospital for their follow up training classes and clinics. 

Residents can join the Kindness project to comfort children. The project is accessible to participants who are beginners to skillful crafters, knitters, sewers. The cost of material for residents to produce finger puppets can be maintained under 5.00$. 

Who Are you Helping by Participating in this Project? 

Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune chronic disease. Children have no breaks from their intrusive treatments (multi-daily injections/pump insertions & finger blood tests) and the effects of rollercoasters of high and low blood sugars on all their lifestyle habits.    

The complexity of diabetes puts people living with the condition at a three to four times greater risk of developing mental-health issues, which in turn can compromise their diabetes treatment. Children living with type 1 diabetes are also at higher risk of being bullied due to their condition. 

What if children could know they are supported and encouraged as the challenges of diabetes management may remove the carefree pleasures and freedom of childhood?  

Over 750 children are followed at the clinic, with 3 to 4 weekly new diagnosis.