History is important and Côte Saint-Luc has lots of it. Many Côte Saint-Luc residents have lived in this neighborhood for decades and have fond memories growing up here. Others are recent arrivals and have recollections of moving to this city and building a new life. Collecting and sharing memories and stories that make up the history and fabric of our community builds connections across our city and puts us in touch with history and with each other.

The Côte Saint-Luc Historical Society in collaboration with the Côte Saint-Luc Public Library would like to preserve these memories that are at risk of being lost forever. If you live, or lived, in Côte Saint-Luc and wish to share your memories and/or photos, please send your submissions to the address below.  Memories that are collected will be posted on the library website.

To submit your memories or for more information on the Memories Project, please contact reference@cotesaintluc.org.


Memories of the Blossom Pool


The Blossom pool was a private swimming pool in Cote Saint-Luc located between Blossom and Mackle Avenue, north-west of Wentworth Park (today Kirwan Park). In early 1962, the Cote Saint-Luc Swimming Pool Association, a non-profit organization headed by Bernard Lang, privately purchased the grounds between Blossom and Mackle, which was about 40,000 square feet. The pool itself was 5000 square feet and L shaped. The whole recreation center featured the pool, a wading pool for children, a change house, a parking area, and a play area. Construction started in the end of March 1962 and was completed in June 1962.  

The club could accommodate 500 families and priority was given to Cote Saint-Lucers. However, membership was open to CSL residents and surrounding areas. The initial cost was 125$ per family, plus a 25$ annual fee each year. By February 28 1962, 500 families had signed up to the Blossom Pool.  

The official opening date was June 15, 1962. They offered free swimming lessons to children which led to red cross certificates. Other notable features included an aquatic display, lounge chairs, shuffleboard, competitions, social events, table tennis, volleyball, dance patio, family swim nights, spacious sun deck, and lifeguards always on duty.  

By 1998, after 36 years of operation, the Blossom pool was forced to close. The membership had declined significantly within the years, going from 500 families to 200 families. This was mainly due to changing demographics in Cote Saint-Luc. Members appealed to city council in order to save the pool. Despite all efforts, the Blossom pool closed for the 1998 season.  

On September 2022, the city held a reunion for those families who would attend the Blossom Pool. You can visit their Facebook page to see photos, videos and other memories shared in honor of this event: Blossom Pool Memories | Facebook


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